The Atomic Cafe's first shop opened in Beverly, MA in 1996, fulfilling a dream (seriously, like one that comes when you're sleeping, not a daydream) that Andrew Mahoney had shared with his brother, John, a few years earlier. John was initially skeptical. "We don't know the first thing about running a cafe," he would object, to which Andrew is famously said to have replied, "How hard could it be?" with a cavalier shrug. Turns out, it can be pretty hard. Operating a cafe takes, not only an enthusiasm for coffee, food and culture, but also it takes some gruelingly hard work, a committed, and likewise enthusiastic staff of baristas, as well as a lot of luck.





Beverly shop: 978-922-0042
Roasting and Wholesale: 978-910-0489

Founder/ Co-owner John Mahoney: john@atomicafe.com
Founder/ Co-owner Andrew Mahoney:andrew@atomicafe.com
roasting/retail operations: roasterie@atomicafe.com
roastmaster: peter@atomicafe.com

Roasterie Fax: 978-910-0490