"What happened to shopatomicafe.com?"

We retired the old store. The new store is now integrated into our main site, www.atomicafe.com, is a lot easier for us to maintain, and a lot easier to browse.

"Do you still retain my old customer data?"

We're sorry, but we could not import all of our old customer data. You will have to create a new account with us. The upshot? It only takes one minute.

"Is there any big improvement to this new store?"

We think it looks and browses a lot more nicely, but it does also have some other advantages; it allows us to more accurately calculate shipping, we have implemented UPS Ground as a shipping option, customers near to our roasterie or cafes can order online and pickup for free, the ajax interface is generally zippy and the store has an accompanying plain text version for those that visit the site by phone or can't otherwise browse the ajax based interface. We're quite pleased with the change and hope you are too.

At checkout you will be redirected to the website of one of our payment gateway partners (i.e., Paypal). Why do we do this?

Please be aware of our various POLICIES

Customers from Shopatomicafe.com visiting this new store for the first time, please click here

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